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Gold Rush to Alaska is your 'one-stop' site for information on the fascinating Gold Rush History of Alaska, the Yukon and British Columbia & the US. Gold Rush to Alaska is your 'one-stop' site for information on the fascinating Gold Rush History of Alaska, the Yukon and British Columbia & the US ...

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Alaska Gold & Resort offers a unique variety of activities including: Gold prospecting in proven grounds on the famous Anvil Creek where the biggest nuggets were found during the 1900 Gold Rush to Nome.

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Aug 11, 2016· My family and I go to Alaska every summer for the month of July. Thank you for watching and please subscribe. Leave comments below to let me know what more you want to see!

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Alaska Gold & Resort offers a unique variety of activities including: Gold prospecting in proven grounds on the famous Anvil Creek where the biggest nuggets were found during the 1900 Gold Rush to Nome.


BLM Alaska Mining and Minerals. Placer mining, long a mainstay of Alaska's gold mining industry, still operates today. In addition to gold, silver, zinc, and lead other minerals are also actively mined.

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The Juneau mining district is a gold mining area in the U.S. state of Alaska. In 1880 a local inhabitant, Chief Kowee, revealed to prospectors Joe Juneau and Richard Harris the presence of gold in what is now named Gold Creek in Silver Bow Basin.

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Alaska Gold Prospecting is a family-owned gold claim and adventure tour service for Alaska gold vacation trips. Check out our new online prospecting store. Alaska Gold Prospecting added a new photo.

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Gold Prospecting AMDS - Alaska Mining & Diving Supply is a leading source of equipment for the small scale and recreational miner. The main emphasis is on portable mining equipment.

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The Prospecting Forum - Metal detecting and prospecting for gold forum: Chicken Gold Camp - Gold panning, recreational mining and a real bucketline dredge at Chicken, Alaska!: Ganes Creek Gold - Search for gold nuggets at newly available location!: GPAA Anchorage - Local chapter of the Gold Prospectors Association of America.: Hope Mining Company - Mine for gold at Hope, Alaska.

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Real Alaska Gold Rush. Follow a family of gold miners on their prospecting adventures. Gold Paydirt for Sale.

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Gold was found in Alaska as early as 1848 in Kenai River, on a peninsula with the same name, by a Russian mining engineer. After the United States purchased "Seward's Folly" and miners had left the disappointment of mining in the Cassiar gold locations, gold was discovered southeast of Juneau around Windham and Sumdum Bays.

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Alaska Travel Adventures' Historic Gold Mining & Panning Adventure is great for families, or anyone who wants to combine a quick history tour with other activities during a short excursion. The tour starts when you meet with your costumed, prospector guide at either your downtown hotel or Juneau's dock; he or she then escorts you to Gold ...

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The Petersville Recreational Mining Area has been set aside by the state of Alaska so people can experience some of the thrill of prospecting for gold.

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Bc Gold Panning. Turbo pantm gold pan is a prospecting tool & mining tool for the prospector & artisan miner . Also included is 1 pound of paydirt from our Alaska gold cl. ..

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Gold mining in Alaska, ... Recreational mining, i.e., small-scale prospecting and mining using gold pans, sluiceboxes, rockers, suction dredges, and metal detectors, is enjoying a resurgence in Alaska. Miners working a sluice on Lucky Gulch, Blue Ribbon Mine, Alaska.

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Mining has been a part of Alaska's economy and culture for more than 125 years since the gold rushes brought thousands of prospectors to the far-flung, untamed wilds of Alaska. Today, mining directly and indirectly employs thousands of …

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Historic Gold Mining & Panning Adventure. Catch gold fever with guaranteed gold. Keep all you can find! ... Around you are remnants of the original buildings of the Alaska-Juneau Mining Company, which at the height of production was the largest operation of its type in the world. You'll learn about the mining techniques that were used, and ...

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Gold Panning & Mining. Today you can relive Alaska's gold rush era and try your luck in panning for gold at Crow Creek and Indian Valley mines. Until the Klondike gold rush of 1897-98, Alaska was relatively unknown.

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Gold mining and Alaska share a close bond. There were large gold rushes in South Central Alaska and in the Arctic. The gold prospector's willingness to go the extra mile, literally, make them a good fit for the Alaskan spirit.

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State of Alaska . MINING. Laws & Regulations . As contained in the Alaska Statutes, Alaska Administrative Code and Article 8 of the Alaska State Constitution. 2014 . ... Prospecting Sites (AS 38.05.245) 5 Prospecting Permits and Leases on Tide and Submerged Land (AS 38.05.250) 5

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Alaska Department of Natural Resources Division of Mining, Land and Water. Search. DNR State of Alaska. MLW Home. About. ... Anchorage Office Mine Permitting & Mineral Property Mgmt. 550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 900B Anchorage, AK 99501 ... Notice to the Public Interested in Mining Offshore of Nome, Alaska (posted 2/22/2012) Mining …

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Gold Prospecting - Visit this site to learn about Gold and Wilderness Prospecting. Explore with Prospector John as her journeys through the back country of Alaska to prospect for gold and enjoy the wilderness. ALASKA'S ONLY COMBINATION WILD-STREAM GOLD PANNING …

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Petersville Mining claims up for sale Long creek #2 ADL 721331 GPS 62.52011 150.89841 SOLD Cache Creek ADL 724450 GPS 62.5183N 150.9106W SOLD Cache Creek ADL 724451 Peterscreek ADL 721816 SOLD Peterscreek ADL 722650 SOLD Peterscreek ADL 724361

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There are present day stories of modern day prospectors, panning, using metal detectors or other placer mining methods, finding nuggets today. In 1998, the Alaska Centennial 294.1 ounce nugget was found by placer mining near the town of Ruby, Alaska.